Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Handbook of ICU Therapy

Handbook of ICU Therapy aims to provide rapid access to important information about the treatment of the critically ill patient and will fill the gap between the `list' type manuals and large textbooks or specialist monographs. It comprises a series of `cutting edge' reviews of the most advanced treatment concepts available in the modern ITU. Whilst assuming a basic knowledge of underlying conditions, it nonetheless outlines key physiological principles where necessary, and critically reviews the current literature and practice. The heart of the book is aimed at providing the key practical information on treatment techniques to the busy clinician in an easily accessible format. In addition to conventional drug therapy, ventilator, fluid and physical therapies are also discussed in detail. All of the authors are directly involved in ICU research and practice and represent the new generation of intensivists.

Book Details:
Author: Ian McConachie

Publisher:Cambridge University Press; 2 edition (February 6, 2006)


Size:1,024 mb

Format: pdf


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