Sunday, October 22, 2006

How to Survive in Anaesthesia: A guide for trainees Second edition

In this book two highly experienced teachers of anaesthesia provide the practical information on all the procedures an anaesthetist is called upon to perform, both every day and in an emergency. The whole spectrum of anaesthetic practice is covered, from assessing the airway and checking the machines to management of specific complications.

Book details:
Author:N. Robinson and G. Hall.
Publisher:Published by BMJ Books, London.
Size:711 KB



Anonymous said...

thank you Dr wael. but this link is not downloading the file. it says that it expired. also for other books. can you re-upload the files again.

thank you very very much , I am very happy to find your database.

also, I have books to sugest if you can get them?
1- equipment and anesthesia machine for Dorch and Dorch , the last edditon 2007.
2- books with cases and clinical senarieos.

thank you very much.
rabbena yowafiqqak,

dr. shameek datta said...

the link is not working sir

Unknown said...

Direct -
Thank you.