Sunday, January 14, 2007

Guidelines for essential trauma care
( WHO 2004 )

The authors of the guidelines have developed a series of resource tables for essential trauma care that detail the human and physical resources that should be in place to assure optimal care of the injured patient at the range of health facilities throughout the world, from rural health posts whose staff do not have training as doctors, to small hospitals staffed by general practitioners (known as GP-staffed hospitals), to hospitals staffed by specialists (specialist-staffed hospitals), to tertiary care centres. They also take into account the varying resource availability across the spectrum of low- and middle-income countries.2 Finally, a series of recommendations is made on methods to promote such standards including training, performance improvement, trauma team organization and hospital inspection. The resource tables and associated recommendations are intended to provide a template to assist individual countries in organizing and strengthening their own trauma treatment systems. It is anticipated that the template will be adapted to suit local circumstances.

Book details:
Author:Charles Mock, Jean-Dominique Lormand, Jacques Goosen, Manjul Joshipura,
Publisher:World Health Organization, 2004
Pages: 106
Size: 663 KB


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