Thursday, March 1, 2007

Advanced Pediatric Life Support: The Practical Approach

This international bestseller covers the full advanced paediatric life support course, with the core sections for the abbreviated one-day course clearly picked out. The book provides practical guidance for managing children and infants in the first life-threatening "golden" hour. This new edition goes beyond immediate management to include stabilisation and transfer.
The 3rd edition has affiliations with the European Resuscitation Council, the Resuscitation Council of South Africa and Australian Advanced Paediatric Life Support Course. This latest edition has undergone some refinement. The initial two parts of the manual have had only minimal revision bringing them into line with current resuscitation practice and add further practical advice such as the use of semi-automatic defibrillators in children. The main revision has been in the seriously ill child section. Chapter headings have been changed to reflect the presenting problem of children. Layout and presentation of this section has changed dramatically.
The final sections on trauma and practical procedures have had only minimal alterations. It is noteworthy that with the affiliation to Australia, an additional appendix has been added dealing with envenomation.
  • Introduction
  • Life Support
  • The Seriously Ill Child
  • The Seriously Injured Child
  • Practical Procedures
  • Appendices

Book details:
Author:Advanced Life Support Group
Publisher:Bmj Publishing Group; 3 edition (Dec 7 2000)
size:1.746 MB
Format: pdf



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