Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blood Pressure Monitoring in Cardiovascular Medicine and Therapeutics

In this newly updated second edition of Blood Pressure Monitoring in Cardiovascular Medicine and Therapeutics, William B. White, MD, and a panel of highly experienced clinicians critically review every aspect of out-of-office evaluation of blood pressure, including home and ambulatory pressure, the relationship between whole-day blood pressure and the cardiovascular disease process, and the effects of numerous antihypertensive therapies on these blood pressure parameters. The world-class opinion leaders writing here describe the significant advances in our understanding of the circadian pathophysiology of cardiovascular disorders and demonstrate that ambulatory blood pressure values are independent predictors of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

Book details:
Author:William B. White
Publisher:Humana Press; 2nd ed. edition (Aug 8 2007)
Size:3,235 MB


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