Sunday, April 27, 2008

Myocardial Protection

Myocardial protection is one of the most important aspects of cardiac surgery, and also one of the most dynamic. There have been considerable advances in myocardial protection strategies over recent years, accompanied by a variety of new approaches to the treatment of cardiac diseases, and this text is intended to embrace the state of the art in this field. This book aims to update physicians and surgeons involved in the field of cardiac surgery on the state of knowledge on all aspects of myocardial protection. This includes the latest in the treatment of cardiac diseases and cardiac failure, complemented by sections on robotic, valvular, pediatric, and coronary surgery, all of which are covered by distinguished experts. These combine to produce a comprehensive view of the field, with a forward-looking approach which should inspire future developments.

Book details:
Author: Tomas A. Salerno,Marco Ricci
Publisher: WileyBlackwell
Pages: 344
Size: 24,792 mb


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