Sunday, July 20, 2014

Echo Made Easy

This third edition provides an overview of the techniques, principles and clinical practice of echocardiography. Beginning with the basic principles of ultrasound and Doppler, and the clinical applications of various echo-modalities including 2-D echo, M-mode scan, Doppler echo and colour flow mapping, the text also includes an account of different echo-windows and normal echo-views along with normal values and dimensions. The following chapters discuss in detail various forms of heart disease including congenital, valvular, coronary, hypertensive and myocardial, with due emphasis given to potential pitfalls in diagnosis, differentiation between seemingly similar findings, causation and clinical relevance. This new edition features 240 colour images and illustrations, as well as a CD demonstrating various techniques for performing an Echo. Key Features * New edition providing overview of techniques, principles and clinical practice of echocardiography * Detailed discussion of various types of heart disease *240 colour images and illustrations

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