Saturday, September 13, 2014

Massachusetts General Hospital Review of Critical Care Medicine

The MGH Review of Critical Care Medicine
The field of critical care medicine is evolving quickly. To prepare for certification and refresh their knowledge, today’s practitioners need a concise multidisciplinary review that focuses on the core areas of critical care.

Ideal for critical care fellows, critical care nurses, residents, and practitioners who spend time in the ICU, The MGH Review of Critical Care Medicine employs brief chapters on focused topics to help readers review core areas and test their knowledge.

Broad scope addresses all major topics is adult critical care with contributions from experts in a range of disciplines.
Concise chapters based on commonly referenced topics make the review easy to navigate.
Focused discussions are based on patient presentation and are structured to include common causes, initial management strategies, pathophysiology, differential diagnosis, management, and outcomes.
Incisive review questions (3–10 per topic) include answers and explanations to help readers understand the “how” and “why” behind each answer.
Staff of MGH and its sister institutions provide consistent terminology and presentation throughout the review.


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