Saturday, July 11, 2015

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis: an easy learning guide

Blood gas analysis is one of the most frequently requested blood tests when caring for the critically ill patient, as it provides very valuable information about the respiratory and acid base status of the patient (Shoulders-Odom, 2000). However, many healthcare professionals find it difficult to get to grips with blood gas analysis. It often seems complex and daunting, but if you work your way through this book and carry out all the exercises, you will soon become confident and competent at analysing blood gases and will understand all the information that initially seemed so complicated. Blood gas analysis is a skill, which requires continuous practice, so once you have completed this workbook keep analysing blood gases as often as you can and discuss your findings with your mentor, until it becomes easy. With practice it will.


Anonymous said...

not able to get acess to any books kindly help...

Anonymous said...

Pls would need a link to any of these titles -
Physics in anaesthesia by Ben Middleton et all
Basic physics and measurement in anaesthesia by Parbroock et al
Thanks in anticipation.