Friday, August 14, 2015

Case Discussion on Anesthesiology

Case Discussion on Anesthesiology is a concise collection of 24 cases, providing theoretical and clinical knowledge on various medical problems and surgical procedures in the field of anaesthesiology. The book is divided into two sections, with ten long cases and fourteen short cases. The long cases include caesarean section, valve replacement, hysterectomy, total hip replacement and thyroidectomy. Short cases include cystic hygroma, tracheostomy, inguinal hernia, intercostals drain, cataract and strabismus. Case Discussion on Anesthesiology presents each case in a question and answer format, helping postgraduate students familiarise themselves with the questions asked during viva examinations on long and short cases. This concise guide to cases in anaesthesiology will help prepare postgraduate students for examinations and improve management skills of trainee anaesthesiologists. Key Points * Features discussion on 24 cases in anaesthesiology (10 long, 14 short) * Provides theoretical and clinical knowledge on problems and procedures in anaesthesiology * Question and answer format to help prepare postgraduates for viva examinations


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