Thursday, October 22, 2015

Understanding Anesthetic Equipment & Procedures: A Practical Approach

The book Understanding Anesthesia Equipment and Procedure: A Practical Approach is one of its kinds from this part of world. It has chronological history of evolution, applied physics with pitfalls and use as well as disuse. It has covered the common to advanced anesthesia equipment used in day to day practice of anesthesia. The contributors with high credentials have put their best efforts which made the things easy for students in anesthesia. This book has five hundred forty six pages incorporating six hundred eighty four figures and illustrations, which is a unique feature. The quality of pictures, printing, paper quality, binding are of international standard.


Tarek Hussam said...

Great book

Anonymous said...

hi the link is not working , please upload another link

Anonymous said...

Blocked link. Please re upload all files.