Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Emergency Triage 3rd

The Manchester Triage System (MTS), the most widely used emergency medical triage system in the UK and Europe, is employed to prioritise the treatment of tens of millions of patients each year. MTS utilises an easy–to–understand and safe, risk–based system of prioritisation.
Emergency Triage contains all the information necessary for an MTS user: as such, it is an essential text for all emergency department staff, in particular triage nurses. The book is both a training tool and a reference for daily use.
Well–organized and well–written
Updated evidence–based concepts of triage for modern emergency departments
New charts for abuse and neglect in childhood, unwell newborn, unwell baby
A new approach to fever in childhood
An introduction to telephone triage and advice
This book is a must–have tool for all practitioners working in emergency and urgent care

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