Thursday, October 5, 2017

Critical Care Manual of Clinical Procedures and Competencies

The Critical Care Manual of Clinical Procedures and Competencies is the landmark new clinical skills resource designed for healthcare practitioners caring for critically ill patients. The Manual offers a complete, evidence-based guide to clinical skills procedures in critical care, addressing the needs of both novice and expert practitioners and recognising the roles that different disciplines contribute to the provision of effective care.
The Manual provides guidelines on core critical care procedures based on the best available evidence for each procedure and includes a patient-centred competency framework, as well as fundamental and specific competencies to enable practitioners to assess their abilities and expertise. Each chapter provides a comprehensive overview, beginning with basic principles and progressing to more complex ideas, to support practitioners to develop their knowledge, skills and competencies in critical care.
An essential clinical companion for all healthcare practitioners caring for critically ill patients, the Manual is the definitive resource on critical care clinical skills procedures.
Key features:-
  • Provides essential evidence-based procedures for all critical care practitioners.
  • Includes a robust competency framework and fundamental competencies that can be used by all disciplines.
  • Provides specific competencies for critical care procedures.
  • Underpins best practice by drawing on the best available evidence.
  • Follows a systematic approach to providing care.
  • Facilitates the development of critical care knowledge and skills.
  • Provides benchmarks to help assess and develop clinical practice.
Indicates areas where specialist training is needed. 

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