Monday, April 9, 2007

Cardiovascular Emergencies

Life threatening cardiovascular conditions constitute up to fifty per cent of emergency admissions to hospital. Immediate and appropriate management is crucial. This authoritative text provides up to date guidance for cardiologists and general physicians faced with patients in a critical condition. Based on Oxford cardiologists' wide clinical experience, the individual chapters address the practical issues of managing patients during the acute phase, combining both evidence based and practical approaches. The text is enhanced with schematic illustrations and real examples, boxed summaries, and tables, making the book easy to use on the wards as well as being a reference for more detailed study .

Table of Contents:
Diagnosis of Patients with Acute Chest Pain
Acute coronary syndromes I: Pathogenesis
Acute coronary syndromes II: ST elevation
Acute coronary syndromes III: ST depression
Pulmonary oedema
Cardiogenic shock
Suspected pulmonary embolism
Aortic dissection
Acute atrial fibrillation
Narrow complex tachycardias
Broad complex tachycardias
Syncope, bradycardias and temporary pacing
Cardiac arrest
Practical procedures
Oxford CCU Drug Protocols

Book details:
Author:Crispin Davies, Yaver Bashir and Yaver Bashir
Publisher:Blackwell BMJ Books
Size:1,774 MB



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good useful book but the download file is no longer valid unfortunatelly