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Textbook of Neuroanaesthesia and Critical Care

Neuroanaesthesia is perhaps the branch of anaesthesia in which the expertise and competence of the anaesthetist can most significantly influence patient outcome. High quality research has driven clinical practice and led to an increasingly multimodal and multidisciplinary approach to patient care. All aspects of the modern practice of neuroanaesthesia are covered in this up-to-date, highly illustrated textbook. Aimed at the general anaesthetic department and ICU, as well as specialist neurosurgical and trauma units, this book covers the key areas needed for a firm understanding of the principles of neuroanaesthesia, such as functional anatomy, advances in bedside monitoring and imaging techniques, and then goes on to address practical issues of diagnosis and patient care. Best clinical practice is described in detail throughout, and the authors also evaluate some of the latest techniques of patient monitoring currently available, as well as looking at avenues for research that will lead to changes in practice in the future. It is an essential, one-stop review of modern neuroanaesthesia and neurocritical care for anaesthetists, intensivists and surgeons at all levels of practice.

Contents :
Part I. Neurophysiology and Neuropharmacology:
1. Anatomical considerations in neuroanaesthesia;
2. The cerebral circulation;
3. Mechanisms of injury and cerebral protection;
4. Intracranial pressure;
Part II. Monitoring the CNS:
5. Electrophysiological monitoring of the central nervous system;
6. Bedside measurements of cerebral blood flow;
7. Monitoring intracranial pressure;
8. Transcranial doppler ultrasonography;
9. Cerebral oximetry;
10. Monitoring brain chemistry;
11. Multimodal monitoring in neurointensive care;
Part III. Intraoperative Management of Neurosurgical Patients:
12. Some general considerations in neuroanaesthesia;
13. Anaesthesia for surgery of supratentorial space-occupying lesions;
14. Anaesthesia for intracranial vascular surgery;
15. Anaesthesia for carotid surgery;
16. Principles of paediatric neurosurgery;
17. The anaesthetic management of spinal injuries and surgery to the cervical spine;
18. Anaesthesia for neurosurgery without craniotomy;
19. Anaesthesia for posterior fossa surgery;
Part IV. Neurosurgical and Neurological Intensive Care:
20. Management of acute head injury: pathophysiology, initial resuscitation and transfer;
21. Intensive care after acute head injury;
22. ICU of paediatric head injury;
23. Intensive care managements of intracranial haemorrhage;
24. Postoperative care in the neurointensive care unit;
25. Management of acute ischaemic stroke;
26. Neuromuscular disease in the neurological intensive care unit;
27. Brainstem death and management of the organ donor;
Part V. Anaesthesia for Neuroimaging:
28. Anaesthesia for neuroradiology;
29. Anaesthesia for magnetic resonance imaging.

Book details:
Author:Basil F. Matta, David K. Menon, John M. Turner, B. Matta, D. Menon, J. Turner
Publisher:Greenwich Medical Media (January 2001)
Size:5,921 MB


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