Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pain and Sedation Management in the 21st Century Emergency Department, An Issue of Emergency Medicine Clinics

This book extensively reviews the increased understanding and development of pain and sedation management in the emergency department. Articles address measuring pain; changing physician and nurse attitudes about pain; the drug-seeking patient; aberrant drug-related behaviors; managing chronic pain in the acute care setting; painful dilemmas; pain in the pediatric population; prehospital pain management; basic pharmacological advances; placebo use; and future directions.
1. Prehospital Pain Management (McManus and Sallee)
2. Pain and Sedation Management in the Pediatric Population (Harrison and Bauman)
3. Our Increasing Understanding of the Pathophysiology of Pain (Fink)
4. Measuring Pain and Clinically Relevant Outcomes in Pain Control (Todd)
5. Changing Physician and Nurse Attitudes about Pain and Pain Control (Fosnocht)
6. Managing Chronic Pain in the Acute Care Setting (Hansen)
7. The Mystique of the Drug-Seeking Patient – Understanding the Difference Between Addiction and Pseudo-Addiction and Which Behaviors are Suggestive of Aberrant Drug-Related Behaviors (Hansen)
8. Painful Dilemmas (Linklater and Pemberton)
9. Basic Pharmacological and Advances in Pain Management (Innes and Zed)
10. Future Directions in Pain Management (Ducharme)
11. Local Anesthetics and Common Blocks Used in the Emergency Department (Crystal and Blankenship)
12. Adult Procedural Sedation and Its Controversies (Holt)
13. Establishing an Emergency Department Pain Management System (Richards)
14. Toxicology and Pain Medical Use (Miller)
15. Risk Management Issues in Pain Management (Lawrence)
16. Field and Wilderness Pain Management (Wedmore)

Book details:
Author:John McManus, Benjamin Harrison,
Publisher: Saunders
Pages: 240
Size: 3,716 MB


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