Monday, July 9, 2007

Trauma: Emergency Resuscitation, Perioperative Anesthesia, Surgical Management, Volume I

Produced by a world renowned team of trauma specialists, this source reviews initial management considerations beginning in the pre-hospital phase, continues through the primary and secondary surveys of the hospital-based evaluation process, and proceeds to the perioperative management of trauma, burns, and associated conditions. This reference provides practical and expertly written chapters that specifically focus on problems unique to the trauma patient and delve into issues affecting future research and management perspectives.
Volume 1 focuses on initial management and is divided into sections that mirror the continuum of care, including prehospital, resuscitation suite, and perioperative management. The prehospital section includes chapters on trauma mechanisms, epidemiology, scoring and triage, and transport. The authors acknowledge that optimal management algorithms for this early phase of care can differ based on the setting (urban/rural) and the prevailing geographical, political, and financial conditions. Hospitalbased components of management (e.g., primary survey, secondary survey, etc.) are meticulously reviewed, including: specific chapters on the critical elements of care (e.g.,airway management, fluid therapy, etc.). The perioperative section details the anesthetic and surgical priorities, but surgical technical details are minimized in favor of global management guidelines, which are important to all members of the care team. Important trauma-related conditions are also fully reviewed.

Book details:
Author:William C Wilson, Christopher M Grande, David B Hoyt
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Size:19,3 MB
Format: pdf

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Amazing book, thanks a lot.

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