Monday, March 31, 2008

The Science Behind Delivery Room Resuscitation, An Issue of Perinatology Clinics

The issue is important because it will be an evidenced based review of the current state of practice of neonatal resuscitation. The chapters will include issues related to the use of room air versus 100% Oxygen, initial strategies to ventilate the preterm and term infant, devises to ventilate the depressed infant, the role of CPAP during resuscitation, the importance of temperature management in both the preterm infant (avoidance of hypothermia) and the term infant (avoidance of hyperthermia), the role of CO2 detectors to confirm endotracheal tube positioning, the potential role of induced hypothermia as well as glucose to prevent ongoing brain injury in high risk infants, the ethics involved in initiation and discontinuation of resuscitation, the role of medications(epinephrine, naloxone, sodium bicarbonate and volume) during resuscitation including the route of administration (endotracheal and interosseous), suctioning of infant delivered in the presence of resuscitation and resuscitation where resources are limited.

Book details:
Author:Jeffrey Perlman, MD
Publisher: ELSEVIER
Pages: 224
Size: 1,338 MB


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