Sunday, December 22, 2013

Decision Making in Anesthesiology

Get fast answers to more than 220 anesthetic management problems with Decision Making in Anesthesiology! This fully revised and updated fourth edition examines vital topics in pre-anesthesia assessment, pre-operative problems, resuscitation, specialty anesthesia, post-operative management, and more. Its unique algorithmic approach helps you find the information you need quickly -- and gives you insights into the problem-solving techniques of experienced anesthesiologists that you won't find in any other book!
 See how to identify and resolve specific clinical problems with easy-to-use algorithms.
 Quickly review the key points of more than 220 anesthetic management problems you are likely to encounter in practice.
 Better understand the thought processes behind clinical decisions.
 Access state-of-the-art knowledge on all aspects of anesthesiology, from principles of anesthesia through to chronic pain management.
 Easily absorb difficult clinical information with the aid of more than 250 detailed illustrations.
 Evaluate patients more effectively with cutting-edge guidance on minimum labs, cardiac evaluation, patient coagulation, and advanced directives in a new section on preanesthesia assessment.
 Find essential information on providing anesthesia in remote locations in a new section dedicated solely to this important subject.

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