Friday, April 3, 2015

Civetta, Taylor and Kirby's Critical Care (Critical Care (Civetta)), 4th edition

The leading critical care textbook since 1988, Civetta, Taylor and Kirby's Critical Care is now in its Fourth Edition, with a new editorial team, over thirty new chapters, and completely updated information. The book addresses every problem encountered in the intensive care unit and covers surgical critical care more thoroughly than any other text. Each chapter begins with immediate concerns and proceeds to broader-based discussions of relevant pathophysiologic and clinical issues. This edition has new sections on shock states; pharmacology, nutrition, toxicology and the environment; and disaster management. New chapters include bedside ultrasound, point of care testing, neurogenic shock, anaphylactic shock, surgical infections, and acute coronary syndrome. A companion Website will offer instant access to the fully searchable text.


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priyathasan said...

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Ish Dutt said...

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