Friday, June 22, 2007

Ocular Trauma: Principles and Practice

Ocular Trauma: Principles and Practice is the first comprehensive clinical reference on ocular injuries in more than a decade. Each chapter gives you detailed instructions on evaluation, treatment, and management, including "what to do", "how to do it", and "why to do it." You'll also learn techniques for developing individualized treatment strategies for hard-to-identify injuries.
The book begins with general terminology and classification of ocular trauma, and goes on to cover such topics as: the new role of endoscopy; eye restoration with complete iris loss; anterior chamber disorders; rehabilitation advances; medicolegal issues regarding the ophthalmologist as an expert witness; and much more! Insightful chapters written by patients offer their perspectives on the physical injuries and emotional trauma they have experienced.

Book details:
Author:Kuhn, Pieramici
Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers (January 2002)
Pages: 496
Size: 18,282 MB

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