Friday, December 22, 2006

Lecture Notes: Clinical Anaesthesia

"The book provides much more than a taste of anaesthesia. With the use of clear diagrams, photographs, and key facts boxes many areas relevant to the clinical medical student and house officer are demystified...I don't know how many students buy an anaesthetic text, but I suspect it is far fewer than would benefit fromt his excellent text."
Clinical Anaesthesia introduces students, junior doctors, general practitioners and allied health professionals to the modern principles and practices of clinical anaesthesia. Diagrams, photographs and key fact boxes support easy understanding of key information. The content is divided into:- Anaesthetic Assessment and preparation for surgery- Anaesthesia- Postanaesthesia care- Management of perioperative emergencies and cardiac arrest- Recognition and management of teh critically ill patient- Anaesthetists and chronic painAdditional sections also introduce Intensive Care, Pain Management and Resuscitation. Lecture Notes: Clinical Anaesthesia is written specifically for medical students, junior doctors on foundation programmes, anaesthetic nurses, emergency physicians and operating department practitioners. This text can be used as a core text or as a supplementary revision resource

Book details:
Author:Carl L Gwinnutt
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Size:1.46 MB



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