Thursday, December 28, 2006

Walls - Manual of Emergency Airway Management 1st edition

The first and only complete manual to emergency airway management, this book is ideal for those seeking front line coverage of the latest tools and techniques in airway management. Written by noted authorities in the field and based on essential concepts outlined in the National Emergency Airway Management Course, this indispensable resource delivers everything you need to effectively manage an airway during an emergency.
Prepared by the faculty of the National Emergency Airway Management Course, (The Airway Course), in the USA, this manual is an expert, practical guide to this challenging procedure. It offers step by step instructions on techniques, drug administration, and prevention and management of complications and includes a complete section on difficult clinical scenarios. The book is packed with easy-to-follow algorithms and diagrams and helpful mnemonics. FEATURES: Detailed instruction in Rapid Sequence Intubation, including drugs and methods for a myriad of adult and pediatric applications Emergency airway algorithms that provide an organised approach to difficult, failed and crash airwyas Step by step instruction and guidance for recognising and managing the difficult airway Comprehensive discussion of various clinical situations, such as status asthmaticus, pregnancy, neurological injury, th ey very young child, plus many more Helpful mnemonics throughout the book serve as quick memory joggers for vial procedures, measurements and cautions Complete section on difficult clinical scenarios NEW TO THIS EDITION: Updates to all sections, with the removal of obsolete drugs Strict templating for a consistent format amongst all chapters Evidence-based perspectives on a range of therapies and procedures that ensures you of the most current, accurate information available Section on Implementation (will include stocking the airway cart, as well as establishing skills and protocols, training issues, and skill retention Coverage of the latest technology including fiberoptic and video laryngoscopy that provides unmatched access to the airway.

Book details:
Author:by Ron M. Walls, Michael F. Murphy , Robert C. Luten, Robert E. Schneider
Publisher:Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Size:864 KB


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