Saturday, December 23, 2006

Miller's Anesthesia 5th edition

Miller's Anesthesia is without a doubt a complete and thorough reference of current knowledge in the field of anesthesia. Its strenght lies in its use of a wide range of recognized authors, contributors, and consulting editors, as well as a plethora of scientific information and extremely well-referenced chapters. Miller's Anesthesia is a reference text that every clinician should own or, at the very least, have access to. There are other reference books that provide quick summaries of various topics, but they should not be a replacement for such an in-depth and complete text as Miller's Anesthesia

Book details:
Author:Ronald D. Miller, MD
Publisher:Churchill Livingstone; 6th edition
Size:17.1 MB(PDF version),6.98 MB(PDB version)
Format:PDF & PDB

PDF Version

PDB Version