Sunday, December 31, 2006

Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia

A stunning new addition to the acclaimed Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia is the first truly concise yet comprhensive guide for anaesthetists, providing a practical approach to anaesthetic practice. Written by experts within their fields, the emphasis is on providing clear and reliable advice on a range of surgical situations, advice that can be accessed within seconds. Also included is information on preoperative considerations such as consent, implications of pre-existing medical conditions, postoperative problems, along with a list of anaesthetic drug dosages, infusions, and normal values. The Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia includes valuable advice for registrars and those sitting exams, whilst also being the one essential book for all anaesthetists, both junior and experienced, to keep in their pockets at all times.
This handbook is aimed at anaesthetists who have received at least basic training in anaesthesia. It does not tell the reader how to give an anaesthetic, but aims to help decide the best anaesthetic for different situations. We have tried to be selective about the contents of the book and have omitted some of the more traditional, but less relevant, topics for our target audience

Book details: Author:Keith Allman and Iain Wilson
Publisher:: Oxford University Press

Size:6.01 MB
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