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Catastrophic Neurologic Disorders in the Emergency Department

This is a practical handbook on the management of critically ill neurologic patients in the Emergency Department. The focus is on disorders that have the potential for rapid deterioration. For this thoroughly updated second edition, the author has added eight new chapters, seven of which appear in an entirely new first section on the evaluation of presenting symptoms indicating urgency. This unique text will continue to be an invaluable guide for neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, emergency physicians, and their residents and fellows.
Part I Evaluation of Presenting Symptoms Indicating Urgency
1. "Short of Breath"
2. "Can't Walk or Stand"
3. "See Double," "See Shapes and Images," "See Nothing"
4. "Spinning"
5. "Twitching and Spasms"
6. "Terrible Headache"
7. "Confused and Febrile"
Part II Evaluation and Management of Evolving Catastrophes in the Neuraxis88. 8.Altered Arousal and Coma
9. Brain Edema
10. Status Epilepticus and Recurrent Seizures
11. Acute Obstructive Hydrocephalus
12. Acute Spinal Cord Compression
Part III Catastrophic Neurologic Disorders Due to Specific Causes
13. Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
14. Intracerebral Hematoma
15. Major Ischemic Stroke Syndromes
16. Acute Bacterial Infections of the Central Nervous System
17. Acute Encephalitis
18. Acute White Matter Diseases
19. Traumatic Brain and Spine Injury
20. Forensic Neurologic Injury

Book details:
Author:Eelco F. M. Wijdicks
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA; 2 edition (January 11, 2004)
Pages: 344
Size: 38,858 MB
Format:Compiled HTML help File(chm)


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