Monday, June 18, 2007

Desert Emergency Survival Basics :Heartache and Heartburn

Desert Emergency Survival Basics By Jack Purcell Excellent books are available to explain primitive survival duplicating lifestyles of Native Americans a thousand years ago, living on bugs, lizards and native seeds. Most will tell you how to squeeze a quart of water out of an endangered species cactus that took half a century to mature so you can have a gallon of water. That is not the intent of this book. Anyone who survives an unanticipated week in desert country did so by having water, by carrying it in, or finding it. Search and Rescue workers believe a person missing in the desert should be found or walk out within three days. After three days the chances for live return spiral downward. When a missing person isn't found within a week it's usually because he's been dead for five days. This book is to assist in avoiding situations that lead to the need to survive those crucial three days and to provide the basics of how to walk out and how to find water. If you need the emergency information here it will be because you became lost, stranded by mechanical failure, or physically incapacitated. I won't address the flora and fauna you might eat. If you have water you'll survive to eat in town.

Book details:
Author:Jack Purcell
Publisher:NineLives Press
Size: 1,820 MB
Format: pdf


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