Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stanford Anesthesiology Regional Anesthesia Syllabus

The goal of the Stanford Anesthesiology Regional Anesthesia Syllabus is to help you to develop a fundamental understanding and appreciation
of regional anesthesia as well as the technical skills to act at the consultant level. We don’t expect you to become masters of each block - that will only come with time and after performing a large number of them. We do, however, expect that by the end of the month, you will have developed a fund of knowledge that will allow you to discuss:
The indications of each block including some of the published literature in support of the indication
Appropriate choice of local anesthetic and adjuvants The functional anatomy and physiology associated with each block
How to perform the regional block, which different approaches as appropriate
Possible complications as well as their treatment.
Book details:
Author:Sean Mackey,Eric Amador
Publisher:Anesthesia department of the Stanford University School of Medicine
Size: 37,5 MB
Format: pdf


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