Sunday, November 12, 2006

Anaesthesia for the High Risk Patient

This book provides practical information on the management of high risk patients
presenting for surgery as well as sufficient background information
to enable an understanding of the principles and rationale behind their anaesthetic management.
The content reflects the needs of a broad readership and presents information not readily available in similar books (e.g. a summary of all CEPOD reports, perioperative renal failure, the role of the cardiology consult and indications for admission to ICU and HDU).
The format of each chapter is designed to provide rapid access to important information, with key facts and advice presented concisely.
Important references that highlight controversies within a subject, and suggestions for useful further reading are also presented.
The book will be useful not only as an 'aide memoire' for the FRCA and other examinations in anaesthesia but also as a useful quick reference for all operating theatre, ICU, CCU and HDU-based personnel.

Book details:
Author:Dr Ian McConachie,
Publisher:Greenwich Medical Media
Size:978 KB



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