Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blood Transfusion andthe Anaesthetist
Blood Component Therapy

Blood transfusion and the anaesthetist-blood component therapy

This booklet advises on the appropriate use of blood components other
than red cells. This advice is required since red cell concentrates
not contain coagulation factors or platelets. The booklet also discusses
pharmacological agents and their impact on coagulation
The following information, when used in conjunction with
companion booklet 'The Anaesthetist and Blood Transfusion: Red
Transfusion', will provide guidance on best transfusion practice.

Contents of the booklet:

Section 1. Recommendations for blood component use
Section 2. Introduction
Section 3. Component production
Section 4. Component use
Section 5. Co-morbidity predisposing to increased bleeding
Section 6. Drugs that increase blood loss
Section 7. Drugs that decrease blood loss
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The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland,

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