Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Questions and Answers About Transfusion Practices,

The administration of blood components constitutes an important part of the practice of anesthesia.
Anesthesiologists must beknowledgeable of the indications and use of various blood components, the risks and adverse effects associated with their use, and
approaches for avoiding transfusion therapy.
This publication was developed to provide information about available blood products, alternatives to homologous transfusion, techniques of blood administration and the risks of transfusion.
This document has been developed by the ASA Committee on Transfusion Medicine but has not been reviewed or approvedas a practice parameter or policy statement by the ASA House of Delegates.Variances from the recommendations
contained in this document may be acceptable based on the judgment of the responsible anesthesiologist.Therecommendations are designed to encourage quality patient care and safety in the workplace but cannot guarantee aspecific outcome.
They are subject to revision from time to time as warranted by the evolution of technology and practice

Book details:
Author:the 1997 Committee on Transfusion Medicine
of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.
Publisher:American Society of Anesthesiologists
Size:123 KB


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