Friday, November 24, 2006

My Trip to the Hospital,(Coloring Book)

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The journey that a child make to the hospital or to an ambulatory surgery center
can never be a pleausure trip,but it is easier and safer today than ever before.
Many parents remember their own childhood experiences during a tonsillectomy or other proceudure-the lonesome ride down along hospital corridor,
the waiting for anesthesia to begin,the separation from mom and dad,and the wanderingwhat the next,and would it ever end.
So much of this changed today.The parents are involved more and more
with the care of the child.They are usually allowed to go with the child for various tests,to go to the operating room suite and sometimes to be present when anesthesia begun on their child and when the child awakens,Many of doctors,nurses and other personnel have special training in the care of the childern
even through your child may not be in pediatric hospital
This book is designed to make the child feel at ease about going to the hospital,
this publication discusses the child's journey from arrival at the hospital or ambulatory surgical center, through preoperative testing, induction,
recovery and going home. Includes information for parents.

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Publisher: The American Society of Anesthesiologists
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