Wednesday, May 9, 2007

150 ECG Problems

A practical resource for developing ECG interpretation skills. 150 12-lead ECG strips and their associated case histories challenge readers to formulate diagnoses for a wide variety of cardiac abnormalities. Detailed an-swers and explanations allow readers to see whether they reached the correct conclusions. And, page referen-ces to Dr. Hampton's other best-selling booksECG Made Easy and The ECG in Practicemake it easy to find more information on the relevant principles of ECG interpretation.
"For anyone who feels they are competent at reading twelve lead ECGs this would be good for sharpening your skills of diagnosis, or even as a refresher. I think this is the best read and best buy of John Hampton s three books on the ECG, the others being The ECG Made Easy and The ECG in Practice as the recordings are presented in random order and the readers interest should be maintained throughout. The tracings are all graded for difficult; medical student, house officer, paramedic or nurse, and MRCP standard. Each twelve lead ECG in this book has a case history, and the answers are brief but to the point; listing ECG features, clinical interpretation, and importantly What to do . With a minimal amount of text and plenty of recordings this is good value if you have grasped the basics as in The ECG Made Easy . This book will act as a handy pocket reference with its comprehensive index as all the recordings are cross referenced with The ECG Made Easy and The ECG in Practice . An enjoyable and challenging book for most health care workers.

Book details:
Author:John R. Hampton
Publisher:Churchill Livingstone; 2 edition (March 25, 2003)
Size: 26,798 MB
Format: pdf


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