Monday, May 7, 2007

Oxford Handbook of Accident and Emergency Medicine, 2nd Edition

This popular Handbook provides practical, accessible guidelines on a huge range of situations that present to the A and E department, and is the essential guide for junior doctors (including candidates for examinations in Accident and Emergency Medicine), specialist nurses, paramedics, and general practitioners. The text is deliberately precise and prescriptive. It gives up-to-date step-by-step advice on presentation, investigation, diagnosis, emergency treatment and further referral for adult and paediatric patients, Important practical procedures are covered in stepwise, easy-to-follow format with line diagrams illustrating anatomical landmarks.
Health personnel who work in an Accident and Emergency Department are faced with varied and difficult challenges. Rapid decisions are required and the consequences of errors can be devastating. The Oxford Handbook of Accident and Emergency Medicine is unique in the spectrum and depth of information it provides for doctors, emergency nurse practitioners, and other allied health professionals. It deals with all groups of patients who present to an Accident and Emergency Department. It provides practical guidance on the management of a huge range of situations including poisoning, major trauma, ob/gyn, psychiatric and pediatric emergencies. The second edition includes updated guidelines for life-threatening emergencies, and the inclusion of many new topics, including SARS.

Book details:
Author:Wyatt, Jonathan P.; Illingworth, Robin N.; Clancy, Michael J.; Munro, Philip T.; Robertson, Colin E.
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Pages: 728
Size: 9,050 MB
Format: Compiled HTML help file


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