Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ABC of Conflict and Disaster (ABC Series)

This ABC introduces medicine in areas of conflict or natural disaster responding to the growing number of regions affected.
Chapters deal with subjects such as earthquakes and landslides as well as nuclear incidents and biological warfare both nationally and internationally.
It covers both logistical planning and medical aid as well as post-conflict recovery, offering psychological as well as medical and public health support.
It prepares aid workers for a range of roles in all possible situations.
Table of Contents
1 Humanitarian assistance: standards, skills, training, and experience
2 Natural disasters
3 Needs assessment of humanitarian crises
4 Public health in the aftermath of disasters
5 Military approach to medical planning in humanitarian operations
6 Principles of war surgery
7 The special needs of children and women
8 Displaced populations and long term humanitarian assistance
9 Psychological aspects of providing medical humanitarian aid
10 Conflict recovery and intervening in hospitals
11 Approaches to conflict resolution
12 Weapons of mass destruction - threats and responses

Book details:
Author:REDMOND AnthonyRyan JimMacnab
Publisher:Blackwell Publishing Limited (January 1, 2006)
Size:1,942 MB
Format: pdf


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