Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blood Substitutes

Blood substitutes are solutions designed for use in patients who need blood transfusions, but for whom whole blood is not available, or is not safe. This interest has intensified in the wake of the AIDS and hepatitis C epidemics. Blood Substitutes describes the rationale, current approaches, clinical efficacy, and design issues for all blood substitutes now in clinical trials. The many summary diagrams and tables help make the book accessible to readers such as surgeons and blood bankers, who have less technical expertise than the biochemists and hematologists who are designing and testing blood substitutes.
Physiological basis
Clinical applications
Toxicity and side effects
Perfluorocarbon-based oxygen
Haemoglobin-based oxygen carriers
Liposomes and related products

Book details:
Author:Robert Winslow
Publisher: Elsevier inc.
Pages: 563
Size: 1,094 MB
Format: pdf



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